Introduction to Eccles Archery Club (EAC)

Established 1953 EAC is an Archery GB/GNAS affiliated archery club specialising in target archery conforming to FITA* & GNAS* rules of shooting.  Archery disciplines practised are Longbow, Recurve, and Compound at all international and national distances including medieval ‘clout’ EAC are proud to have a Gold Medal Winning Paralympian archer amongst the membership and have facilities available for those archers with a disability.

Training is a prerequisite of joining Archery GB affiliated clubs and to this ‘aim’ EAC has a team of nationally qualified coaches trained in child protection presenting training to a national curriculum. EAC host a variety of achievement schemes for both novice and experienced archers. The club support various charities and local schools in the sport of archery. EAC archery expertise and facilities are utilised by film and television companies in both a practical and consultancy role.


In order to support the club and its charitable activities we are delighted to host ‘Have A Go Events’ and cater for both small independent groups and corporate companies in team building exercises.

EAC endeavour to make archery fun and entertaining. As a professional archery club, however, we do not allow our guests to just ‘plink’ arrows. Our guests are taught the basics of correct posture and shooting techniques in a safe professional manner but in a light hearted and fun environment. The session ends with a competition for ‘Best Archer’ Our objective is for all our guests to leave having had a fun time but with an understanding and respect for the sport of archery. During the session, we discuss the history of archery and some interesting facts about the evolution of our sport.

  • Location: Eccles Archery Club Peel Green Road Eccles Manchester. Entrance via a small road opposite house number 216 Use Post Code M30 7DR
  • Parking, Clubhouse, toilets for both able bodied and those with a disability, wheel chair ramp
  • Maximum number of participants 15*
  • Minimum age of juniors: 8 years
  • Weather good: Main field 5 boss’s at 10 metres
  • Weather poor: Indoor Range 5 boss’s at 8 metres
  • Bow Type: Recurve
  • Duration: Typical two 1.5 hour sessions with 30 minute break
  • Tea & Coffee provided
  • Fee: 120.00 for 10 participants 12.00 per person up to 15 participants

*We shoot in single groups of five (one group shooting one/two group waiting) if weather requires shooting to be indoors progress is slower.

The above is our basic offer we would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements.

For bookings contact:  Our Have-a-Go Coordinator (Stylo

  • A minimum of 2 GNAS qualified coaches supported by tournament/experienced archers will be present
  • Coaches certificated by the Disclosure and Barring Service & trained in child protection by NSPCC
  • Liability insurance via Archery GB Policy No 2016 GB00038296L15A (Available on request)
  • Risk Assessments: Filed by EAC Training & Coach Coordinator in accordance with AGB rules (Available on request)
  • CCTV: CCTV is in operation at EAC the system is registered with the commissioners office and operated within the Archery GB

* FITA: The World Archery Federation formerly Federation Internationale de Tir a I Arc

* GNAS: Grand National Archery Association founded at the Grand National Racecourse 1861







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Hi Lynn, Can I ask you to please use the 'Contact Us' tab and select the training and beginners courses. This will ensure it goes to the correct person who will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

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HiMy grandson aged 11 is interested in archery when are the beginners lessons ? What equipment would he need ? What are the costs ?

21/03/2017 - 14:25

Welcome to Eccles Archery Club shoubox.Here you can say hello, ask questions or leave messages.

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